About D-Com Energy Solutions

Innovative Data & Energy Solutions

D-Com Energy Solutions started in 2001, offering low-voltage data and electrical services, including:

  • Fiber optics
  • Network cable installations
  • Sound and security integrations
  • Fire alarm installations

From the very beginning, we’ve kept our eyes on the immense possibilities technology can achieve. And, as the industry has progressed over the years to include all manner of data, we’ve grown – and thrived – with it. With each step, we’ve gained expertise and experience which we’ve worked to leverage to take on new challenges and larger projects.

Reaching For The Sun

Ten years later in 2011, we saw a similar chance for growth in the solar sector. While solar energy was still a young industry, we took everything we’d learned from our years of installation experience and started a new venture installing solar panels.

With a long history in electrical installations, we were able to take on large, industrial projects alongside smaller solutions. Once again, we grew as the industry moved from small, residential installations to major energy production plants.

Soon, we were working with companies across western Canada to install and maintain major solar farms.

Leaders In Our Field

Today, we are at the forefront of technology, with decades of experience working with low-voltage, data services and major solar installations.

Over the years, we’ve gathered a team of trusted electricians, techs and managers who’ve tackled some of the biggest projects across western Canada, from Saskatchewan, across Alberta, to B.C.

With a well-rounded team, the right tools, and the drive to continue chasing the latest, best practices, D-Com Energy Solutions is ready to take on the next level of installation, and seek out new opportunities in the field.

Safety And Reliability

Safety is a top priority for us, and we work to keep our safety procedures and safety requirements to the highest of standards.

We are:

  • A member of ISNetworld, which is an online contractor management database ensuring the rigorous internal and governmental record-keeping and compliance requirements
  • COR certified, meaning our health and safety management is the very best that Alberta requires
  • CanSIA members
  • Part of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta
COR Certified
CanSIA Member
Solar Energy Society Of Alberta Member
ISNet Certified

Our Team

Terry Britton

Terry Britton

Owner/General Manager

Mike Brunelle

Mike Brunelle

Data/Security Manager

Matthew Horvath

Matt Horvath

Energy Solutions &
Renewables Manager