Is my house right for solar?

6.7KW Residential Solar Installation

If you’re considering taking advantage of the Energy Efficiency Alberta solar rebate program you might be wondering if you have enough roof space or if your roof slopes east/west can I still produce enough electricity to meet the needs of my household?  The simple answer is…probably.  The over all size of the roof, vents, skylights or a chimney are definitely worth consideration.  Shade does not help when it comes to solar, so trees and telephone poles can also be a factor.  Newer technology has made the solar panels much more efficient than ever!  Improvements in inverter technology has also improved meaning that we require less space to produce the same power as we did 5 years ago.

Some people have questions about the type of roof they have.  Maybe you have a flat roof?  Or a metal roof?  Though we generally need more room for a flat roof, a metal or asphalt roof are no problem!

The best way to know for sure if your home is a good fit for solar, is to have a professional from Solarwind do an assessment of your location.  In most cases, all we need is a scanned copy of your bill so there is no charge for the assessment!  With our solar modelling software, we can make an accurate assessment remotely and answer many of your questions with a simple email or phone call.  No appointments to make or scheduling until you’re ready to move forward.  It’s that simple!  Then, if you decide to move forward, we can come to your home or property and do a full assessment in about 20-25 minutes on average.

Next, we would put together a quote and present you with the leasing and buying options.  Take advantage of the solar rebate program today!

Scott Alexander
Solar Specialist/ Design Team