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The environment, your pocketbook – both seem to offer perpetual trouble, and the fix for one seems to make the other worse. It’s a catch twenty-two that plays itself out in houses across the country and the house of commons.

Solar power manages to offer a solution to both problems at once – one of the few times in life you’ll get to have your cake and eat too. New government incentives provide rebates of 30% of installation costs. Regardless of motivation, whether you prefer the cut to your electricity bill, or to be less dependant on energy production that’s hard on the environment, by taking the step towards solar power, you are taking a step towards a better, brighter (excuse the pun) future, for yourself, your neighbours, and the entire community you call home.

Southern Alberta Farm Solar Installations

Modular And Ready For Your Fields

It’s more than just your living space where solar power can help. Any good business owner is always on the lookout for opportunities for more cash flow and lower overhead. Farmers, with your significant power consumption stand to benefit from free energy that solar provides. And with unused space tucked away in the corner of fields with irrigation, solar power is a perfect investment in your farm.

Solar power is fast becoming one of the top producers in sustainable energy, and sustainable energy is our future. To ignore sustainable energy now is to give up an edge to your competitors. Not only will solar energy keep your business moving forward into the future, you will also have governmental tax rebates to look forward to. Alberta is moving towards a greener future, and moving in step with the province offers its own rewards.

Our Recent Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Solar Projects

Projects Ranging From 4kW to 1.9MW

Solar Energy In Alberta

Southern Alberta is a great place to generate solar energy. Have a look at this map of Canada and see why Alberta is growing these initiatives so rapidly.


Annual Photovoltaic Potential - South-facing with Latitude Tilt
Information provided by Natural Resources Canada.

How Much Does It Cost?

Helping to reduce our ecological footprint is important, but it also needs to be affordable. We can‘t save the planet if we are killing ourselves to do it, namely, emptying our bank accounts. There is a wide range of factors that influence the cost of a solar installation, and every install is different. Contact us today for a free site visit so we can help you determine if solar is a viable energy savings alternative for you!