Recent Solar Projects

Town Of Cardston Ground Mount 1.9MW

Cardston Large Solar Project 1

Stirling Ground Mount 150KW

Stirling Solar Array

Driland Feeders Ground Mount 150 KW

Driland Solar Project

County of Lethbridge Building – 88KW

88KW Solar system in downtown Lethbridge. The County of Lethbridge is leading the charge with this…

4.81KW Town Maintenance Building

Warner Maintenance Building Solar Panels

121.2KW Warner Arena

121.2KW Warner Arena Solar Panels

The Warner arena has a whopping 303 solar panels installed on it roof. The system is…

42.9KW Raymond Aquatic Center

42.9KW Raymond Aquatic Center Solar Installation

This solar install is in the beautiful Town of Raymond. The solar panels are weighted down…

14KW Raymond Golf Course Club House

14KW Raymond Golf Course Club House Solar Panels

Windy day for our drone captured this 14KW system installed on the Raymond Clubhouse.

35.6KW Southland School Medicine hat

35.6KW Southland School Medicine hat solar panels

This is project we did in Medicine Hat Alberta, Southland school is an new K-6 and…

12.5KW Ground Mount Vulcan Farm

12.5KW Ground Mount Solar Panels Vulcan Farm

Solarwind project  – Ground mount on a farm near Vulcan, Alberta

How Much Does It Cost?

Helping to reduce our ecological footprint is important, but it also needs to be affordable. We can‘t save the planet if we are killing ourselves to do it, namely, emptying our bank accounts. There is a wide range of factors that influence the cost of a solar installation, and every install is different. Contact us today for a free site visit so we can help you determine if solar is a viable energy savings alternative for you!