Southern Alberta Farm Solar Panel Installations

Modular And Ready For Your Fields

Farm Solar Installations

All Positives

Is it cost effective? Yes. Will it make you money? Yes.

Saying yes to saving money, and to making more money is a no brainer, so we think you’ll agree solar power is a positive across the board.

Working with the Earth

No other occupation works as closely with the earth than a farmer. Through the earth you make your living, so you like it when the earth is healthy and viable for food production. Solar power is at the forefront of green energy. The more we work with the earth, the more the earth will work for us, creating opportunities to reap a good harvest for you and your family.

Solar is the Key to Innovation

Solar Energy is the way of the future. It’s a sustainable resource that is sure to become one of the top energy sources, especially in Southern Alberta, considering all the abundant, beautiful sun we get. With Alberta’s new tax rebate for sustainable energy, not only will you be saving money on electricity, but actually making money in rebates and even surplus electricity. Investing in the sunshine is investing in a resource that will never run dry. Contact us today to find out how much you can begin to save by installing a Solar Energy system.

Modular and Ready for your Fields

We can install solar panels just about anywhere, on barn roofs, on equipment sheds and on ground mount pedestals. Solar can offset the costs of equipment and machinery that makes your electric bill skyrocket. Consider an irrigation pivot, for example. We can install solar panels on otherwise useless land in the corners of your field, just beyond the range of irrigation. Solar panels can power that entire unit.


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How Much Does It Cost?

Helping to reduce our ecological footprint is important, but it also needs to be affordable. We can‘t save the planet if we are killing ourselves to do it, namely, emptying our bank accounts. There is a wide range of factors that influence the cost of a solar installation, and every install is different. Contact us today for a free site visit so we can help you determine if solar is a viable energy savings alternative for you!