Alberta Solar Incentives [Updated]

Solar Panel Installer On Roof

The solar landscape in Alberta is quickly changing. New provincial rebate incentives are designed to save you as much as 35% on new solar panel installations. Send us a message or give us a call if you have questions about how these incentives can save you money through continued reductions to your utility bills. Click here…

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Solarwind – What we’re up to!!

Solarwind Renewable Energy Team Lethbridge

Well it’s certainly been a busy summer so far. With the Alberta government’s incentive programs and the growing interest in renewable energy, this is proving to be an amazing year. Solarwind is one of the leaders in watts installed in the Lethbridge region with over 300KW installed this year to date. The town of Raymond…

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Is my house right for solar?

6.7KW Residential Solar Installation

If you’re considering taking advantage of the Energy Efficiency Alberta solar rebate program you might be wondering if you have enough roof space or if your roof slopes east/west can I still produce enough electricity to meet the needs of my household?  The simple answer is…probably.  The over all size of the roof, vents, skylights…

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