County of Lethbridge Building – 88KW

88KW Solar system in downtown Lethbridge. The County of Lethbridge is leading the charge with this sizable solar system on the roof of their building in the downtown core. Solarwind is proud to partner with Enmax Power Corp on this project. A win for Lethbridge and renewable energy.

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121.2KW Warner Arena

121.2KW Warner Arena Solar Panels

The Warner arena has a whopping 303 solar panels installed on it roof. The system is installed on railed racking and has the powerful LG400 solar panels installed to help the Village attain their goal of becoming a net-zero community.

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42.9KW Raymond Aquatic Center

42.9KW Raymond Aquatic Center Solar Installation

This solar install is in the beautiful Town of Raymond. The solar panels are weighted down on the roof with ballast blocks as not to damage the roof by penetrations. This install has 116 solar modules.

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35.6KW Southland School Medicine hat

35.6KW Southland School Medicine hat solar panels

This is project we did in Medicine Hat Alberta, Southland school is an new K-6 and utilizes 123 Trina Solar panels with 5 Pro harvest inverters. This system is 35.6KW and uses a ballast system to hold it down on the roof. The blocks are engineered for this system so the panels don’t go flying…

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